Transgender Surgery

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At Avant Aesthetics, we have our fingers on the pulse of innovation and research regarding gender-affirming surgeries. We believe in providing comprehensive healthcare for transgender people from Beverley Hills and beyond. Our reputation is cemented by personalized care, enviable outcomes, and continued support. If you are considering reclaiming your body through transgender reassignment surgery, schedule a free consultation with our team today!

Gender Affirming Surgery

Our compassionate team helps patients through what is both an incredibly exciting and anxious time with a sensitive approach and straightforward advice. It is crucial to mentally and emotionally prepare for your surgery. If you haven’t already done so, seek out individuals who have undergone transgender top surgery, facial feminization, or your upcoming procedure. If you don’t have access to a trusted source of guidance, scour the internet for firsthand accounts and chatrooms. While these conversations and readings can be comforting and build anticipation, bear in mind that not everything you hear will apply to your situation.

Consider your recovery plan after your transgender surgery. Do you have a family member or friend who can aid your recovery in the days following the operation? Having a sympathetic and loving support system is crucial to your recovery and health in both the immediate and long-term sense.

If you have any lingering questions, please reach out to the Avant Aesthetics team for support.


If you live locally, you can make a follow-up appointment with our clinic to help you with every aspect of your recovery. However, patients come from far and wide for our services. If you’re from out-of-town, once we’ve completed a successful surgery and provided the results of your dreams, Avant Aesthetics encourages you to follow up with your primary care physician.

Remember, your transgender top surgery, facial feminization, or bottom surgery is a part of your greater transition journey and a process in its own right. It is vital to take the time to research and plan ahead. For the best outcomes, you must choose a healthcare team with superior clinical judgment, skills, and knowledge. With our unwavering clinic-wide commitments to continued learning and discretion, Avant Aesthetics will always be that team.

Real Stories

Transitioning is a huge step for any patient. Here are a handful of stories with amazing individuals who’ve come to Avant Aesthetics to tell us more about their journey (This group is a mix of transgender individuals and one individual who identifies as a gay woman in a man’s body).


Jamie Wilson

Jaimie came to us with concerns about his hairline. He also worked with Dr. Liu to address some of the hurdles transgender patients face with transitioning and what resources to look into when it comes to insurance.


Isis King

Isis visited Avant Aesthetics to address issues from a previous liposuction surgery she had at another practice. Dr. Liu worked on her revision, giving her the shape she originally envisioned.


What Are Known Benefits To Transgender Surgery?

Gender dysphoria is disheartening for many transgender men and women. The disconnect between physical appearance and gender identity can cause depression, anxiety, and lowered self-esteem. Nearly 100% of those who decide to have transgender surgery are happy with their decision. You may experience the following:

Boost of self-confidence.
Feeling comfortable in your own skin.
Outward appearance matches your inner feelings.
Feel secure in your sexuality and gender identity.
Decreased anxiety and depression.
No longer feel that you’re “hiding something”.

Feeling confident in yourself can also improve your personal and professional life. You may feel more comfortable dating, making friends, taking risks, and putting yourself out there.

What Transgender Surgeries Do You Perform?

Breast Feminization
Hip Feminization (Los Angeles Transgender Hip Implants)
Liposculpture (lipo-assisted body sculpting)
Facial contouring with fat and/or HA fillers
Brow Lift
Cheek Implants

Does Avant Aesthetics Accept Insurance?

At Avant Aesthetics, we are happy to assist and work with your insurance when possible. Please refer to our Insurance & Financing section to learn more!

I’m Interested In Transgender Surgeries. What Are My Next Steps?

Dr. Liu has helped many patients struggling with gender dysmorphia. Matching your outward appearance to your inner feelings can be liberating, and Avant Aesthetics offers options for you to express who you truly are. We operate with a high degree of discretion and respect for your journey. If you are considering cosmetic procedures to express your gender identity, come to Beverly Hills for a private initial complimentary consultation.