Body Lift

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Body Lift Beverly Hills

Congratulations to those remarkable individuals who were able to lose significant amounts of weight and take their health and destiny back into their own hands. Now it is our turn to give you the body you seek. Eliminate loose, sagging skin that impairs your mobility and keeps you from having the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of having and can finally achieve. With a total body lift that encompasses a brachioplasty, breast lift, abdominal, back, thigh, and calf lift, you can finally wear clothes appropriate for your new weight. Avant Aesthetics can improve your quality of life and give you a new beginning.

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Patients who have lost a lot of weight and have a lot of loose skin often require a body lift. Their skin has lost a lot of its elasticity after having been stretched out for a prolonged period of time. Once the excess weight is lost, the skin becomes like an oversized set of clothes that no longer fit. A body lift can remove the redundant skin and tighten it to fit your new body. Depending on how much skin and soft tissue need to be removed, these procedures could be done in either a single stage or multiple stages.