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Coronavirus Safety Tips From Avant Aesthetics

Dear Avant Family, Over the past several weeks, our team has been keeping a very close eye on the developing situation regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. At Avant Aesthetics, the safety of our staff and patients is our #1 priority. We want to make it clear that our aim is to always provide a safe […]

Breast Implant Illness

Breast implants have been a popular choice in cosmetic surgery since the 1960s, changing lives for hundreds of thousands of women around the world.  While breast implants are considered very safe, scientists continue to research any correlation between breast implants and illness. What illnesses have been associated with breast implants? Few medical devices have undergone […]

Myths About Eyelid Surgery

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. But what if your eyelids are heavy and make your eyes appear small and tired even after having eight hours of sleep? Asian eyelid surgery is designed to place a visible crease in the upper eyelid, removing fatty pockets and excess skin so your […]

Gynecomastia for the Summer

A huge population of men worldwide suffers from a condition known as gynecomastia or in simple words, enlargement of the male breasts. Although the degree of the condition may vary, it is rather common among boys and men who are at different stages of development in their lives. Gynecomastia can be easily noticed by other […]

Eyelid Surgery in Los Angeles

Our eyes are one of the most prominent features of our body, one that people notice easily. So, if you feel that your eyes do not meet your aesthetic goals, that is understandable. In fact, there are many who want to make their eyes look brighter, more prominent, more aesthetically pleasing. How do you achieve […]

SculpSure: Can This Nonsurgical Procedure Melt Body Fat?

The latest weapon in the battle of the bulge is the body contouring process known as SculpSure, a nonsurgical procedure that claims to be the first to use lasers to “melt” stubborn abdominal fat. The $1,500-per-session procedure is reportedly less painful than other alternatives and convenient enough that it can be done in under half […]

The Different Methods of Liposuction and How They Work

For many of us, especially those of us who are past a certain age, there are limits to what a healthy diet and regular exercise can accomplish, especially in terms of the shape of our bodies. It can be disappointing to work hard towards a healthy weight and find, at the end of it all, […]

What Type of Asian Eyelid Surgery is Best for You?

Approximately 50% of Asian people are born with an eyelid that is not attached to the levator muscle. It is this attachment, or lack of it, that determines whether a person’s eyelid is creased or un-creased. Although both types of eyelids are natural and attractive, some find that a creased eyelid provides the appearance of […]

Labiaplasty Options in Beverly Hills

When it comes to labiaplasty, Beverly Hills’ community of plastic surgeons is a bit divided on which is the superior method. The two most commonly used methods — the “trim” and the “wedge” methods — both result in a relatively similar final appearance, but there are some very important differences in how they are performed […]

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