Jaw Contouring

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Jaw Contouring Beverly Hills

Many Asian women prefer thin slim faces rather than having wider, squarish faces. Botox can slim down the face by reducing the size of the masseter muscles, which are located directly above the angle of the mandible. Non-surgical jaw and facial slimming using botox is quite effective, especially when the squarish facial features are due to hypertrophy of the jaw (masseter) muscles. This occurs in people who like to chew a lot or grind their teeth at night. As an added benefit, it also helps with nighttime teeth grinding, especially for those individuals who can’t keep the night guard in their mouth at night.

When slimming down the masseter muscles does not produce enough of a jaw reduction, surgical jawline reduction is the only alternative. Surgical reduction of the mandibular angle by shaving down the prominent angle is very effective in changing a square-shaped facial profile to a slimmer oval or triangular shape. This is often performed in conjunction with a chin augmentation procedure, especially when the chin is underdeveloped.