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The search for Anti-Aging therapies is not new. Throughout history, man has searched for the fountain of youth. Medical and scientific breakthroughs have been paramount in the evolution, development, and advancement of anti-aging treatments. Hot buzz words include: “stem cell therapy”, “hormone replacement”, “intermittent fasting”, “herbal supplementation”, “Functional”  and “Alternative” medical therapy; all associated with treatment regimens designed to help individuals look and feel younger. This approach to anti-aging lauds the merits of these tools but misses the mark in terms of delivery of these results and maximizing the full potential of these treatments as we search for youth. 

Until now…

Avant Anti-Aging Centers is pioneering a novel approach to the anti-aging paradigm. With state-of-the-art treatment centers, our clients experience the greatest anti-aging benefit through a comprehensive and synergistic approach to maintaining one’s youth. Our mission is to let our clients “Look Great! Feel Great! and Function Great!”

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The Avant Anti-aging triune: Looking Great, Feeling Great, and Functioning Great involves a multi-disciplinary approach to aging that incorporates a thorough Medical Evaluation, Plastic Surgery, Traditional Non-Surgical Treatments, Medical Spa Facilities, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Nutritional and Herbal supplementation, Accupuncture as well as Stem Cell Infusions and related biological anti-aging therapies. At Avant Anti-Aging, we address all aspects of a person’s global well-being. These include health and nutrition, hair and scalp rejuvenation and restoration, facial aging lines, body mass index, bone density, muscle mass, sexual wellness, and total body revitalization. Our multi-disciplinary approach with the integration of different medical, health & wellness specialties optimize the synergistic effects of multiple therapies to maximize the individual’s potential to achieve the holy grail of youth: looking great, feeling great, and functioning great!

Stem cell therapy has been in the news, much hyped since the cloning of Dolly the sheep. Stem cell therapies, often used synonymously with anti-aging therapy, are not a panacea to countering the aging process and despite the historic quest for the magical waters of the “fountain of youth”, there are no known interventions that allow us to live and be forever young. We have made progress, but not in the ways many people think. Stem cells, despite popular belief and in people’s imaginations, cannot turn into any cell type to replace damaged tissue and restore, damaged organs. Stem cells do not engraft and morph into new cells and rejuvenate our aging tissues and organs. To the contrary, stem cells survive only a short time in the body as they release growth factors and turn on signals necessary to stimulate cellular and tissue repair In our own existing cells and organ systems. Infused stem cells delivered to our lungs, spleen, and other tissues circulate throughout our body and release exosomes, or little packets of growth factors, essential to the induction of messaging signals that tell our body to turn on the healing process. The initiation of this process begins the rejuvenation and repair of damaged tissue. Our dormant stem cells, scattered throughout the adult body tissues, are not as abundant or active as the stem cells of infants and the very young. As we age, our stem cells may not mobilize in sufficient quantities or with enough speed to allow soft tissue repair after injury, or even to maintain the health of the body under circumstances of daily wear and tear. Hence, supplementing the bodies’ stem cell supply by intravenous stem cell infusions can augment and enhance wound healing, damage repair and cell turnover responses that help to keep the body young. 

Stem cells, as a mono-therapy, have limited or sometimes no efficacy. In order for stem cell therapies to be effective, a protocol of stem cell infusions over time must be given in coordination with preparation of body tissues for rejuvenation. Making sure the building blocks of repair are in sufficient quantity, detoxifying the body of heavy metals and environmental chemicals, identifying and treating chronic diseases so that these destructive processes are controlled, are essential to Avant’s comprehensive anti-aging therapeutic and holistic approach to anti-aging therapies.

Correcting hormone deficiencies and imbalance are essential to the restoration of body health and function, especially when considering the psychological and emotional health of the individual. Not only do we at Avant Anti-Aging Centers want you to look great and function great, we want you to feel great. Correcting hormonal imbalances improve emotional lability, total body energy, hair and skin quality, weight loss, and sexual wellness. As our bodies look and function better, our emotional well-being improves helping us to feel good about ourselves, relationships with others, and the world around us. A positive self image ultimately contributes to looking younger, feeling younger, and functioning younger.

Cellular based anti-aging therapies are powerful if the body is ready to receive them. Our bodies are elaborate integrated networks of many systems working together and intimately affecting each other in order to maintain normal health and function. Chronic inflammation, a dysregulation of the immune system, causes our cells and  tissues to consume the building blocks of repair and health maintenance, while simultaneously damaging the body, hastening and compounding the aging process. As causes of chronic inflammation and catalysts of cell and tissue damage, Nutritional deficiencies, Allergy, Hormonal Deficiencies and Imbalance, Diet and Environmental Toxin exposures are all participants in the destruction of health, longevity and youth.  Avant’s comprehensive multi-system and multi-disciplinary approach to health and aging helps us to identify root causes of disease and place the body back into balance so that is is primed for rejuvenation. Only by preparing and fine tuning the body, can we maximize the restorative potential of Intravenous stem cell infusions and other synergistic anti-aging therapies, and not fall short on delivering their anti-aging potential to our patients.

When emotional and physical systems in the body are optimized, the physiology of cells and tissues are primed to receive and respond to the signals calling for repair. Our bodies are then able to heal the wear and tear of daily activity, the damage from physical trauma, the destructive forces of disease and to a significant degree the effects of time. Stem cell therapies become more effective and anti aging surgical procedures deliver better outcomes. When the body is optimized to heal and repair, surgery is less traumatic and is able to deliver enhanced results. 

Anti-aging therapies are not one time magic bullet type treatments. With this understanding, we have developed optimized and integrated anti-aging programs that provide a consistent and comprehensive holistic approach to total body well-being. Our mission Is to help our patients hold still and maybe even turn back the effects of time on the human body.