Asian Cosmetics

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Asian Cosmetics Beverly Hills

Avant Aesthetics specializes in several different procedures specifically for asian patients.


Asian Double-Eyelid Surgery

Asian Eyelid Surgery For many men and women of Asian descent, cosmetic surgery is an important choice in their overall vision and appearance. The procedure, known as Asian double eyelid surgery, helps to correct eyelid creases to more closely conform to widely accepted aesthetic norms.


Jaw Reduction

The jawline defines the aesthetic contour of your lower face. Prominent jaw bones can make a face seem excessively wide and disproportionate to the rest of the person. It can also make them seem fat and add to the rounded appearance of the face. Jaw reduction surgery can narrow your cheek and make the face appear less round.

Asian Rhinoplasty

Asian noses frequently appear short, lack a prominent nasal bridge, and lack nasal tip projection. Unlike Caucasians, whose noses usually require a reduction from having a nose that is too prominent, Asians usually require a dorsal augmentation to increase both the dorsal height and tip projection. An Asian rhinoplasty in Los Angeles can be performed using either a silicone prosthesis or a patient’s own cartilage. While L-shaped silicone implants work well and has no associated donor site morbidity, there is always a risk of implant infection and extrusion. Autologus cartilage augmentation techniques are much less likely to get infected or extrude, but is associated with a donor site morbidity that many patients find unattractive.

Calf Reduction

Long, thin calves are considered beautiful. It not only makes a person appear taller, but also conveys a sense of grace and elegance. Calf reduction surgery was first developed in Korea to address a bane of many Asians, disproportionately prominent calves that are both short and muscular.


Chin Implant

Chin and cheek augmentation can provide the necessary definition to balance out and give proportion to a face. It can also correct the loss of facial volume and associated youthful appearance. Chin augmentation can be performed by either placing a implant or moving your chin. For those fearful of surgery, filler injections are a viable alternative, but you will not get the same chin projection and definition that you will with a chin implant. Similarly, cheek augmentations can be performed by placing an implant or taking fatty tissue from other parts of the body and replacing the lost facial volume.

Mandible Contouring (Shaving)

Many Asian women prefer thin slim faces rather than having wider, squarish faces. Botox can slim down the face by reducing the size of the masseter muscles, which which is located directly above the angle of the mandible. Non-surgical jaw and facial slimming using botox is quite effective.