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Calf Surgeries


Avant Aesthetics specializes in several different procedures for calf reduction.


Calf Reduction Surgery

Calf reduction surgery in Los Angeles is a highly popular procedure that can dramatically improve the size and shape of calves. While many cosmetic contouring procedures focus on the elimination of fatty tissue, calf reduction surgery addresses bulky calf muscles that contribute to a short, stout appearance. With rapid results and a minimal recovery process, it is the perfect option for those seeking thin, shapely calves that look proportionate to the rest of their body.

Botox Calf Reduction

For patients looking for a milder form of calf reduction, BOTOX® Cosmetic may be the perfect option. This totally noninvasive procedure administers multiple treatments of BOTOX to the calf, reducing muscle activity and causing it to shrink. The effects of BOTOX are temporary, giving patients the opportunity to “sample” the shrinkage it provides. If they like what they see, they can opt for a more permanent procedure.

Calf Liposuction

While bulkiness in the calves is mostly caused by muscle, there are some cases in which excess fat has built up in the calves, contributing to an overly large appearance. In these cases, liposuction may be a great option for patients looking to bring a more slender, pleasing appearance to their calves. When it comes to reducing calf size, liposuction is a somewhat specialized technique. Our expertise in calf liposuction allows us to show the beautiful, true shape of your calves.


As a popular, minimally invasive form of calf reduction, the use of radio-frequency has become a highly precise method to bring a slender, elegant appearance to the calves. By using this selective calf reduction method, our doctors can eliminate bulk in the calves while preserving calf function. With a minimal recovery time and effective reduction of circumference, radio-frequency calf reduction offers true improvement in calf appearance, tone and texture.

Partial Muscle Removal

Partial calf resection, meaning the partial removal of bulky calf muscles, is perfect for patients looking to reduce the size of their calves. Our doctors have perfected this technique, giving them the ability to naturally contour and shape the calves into a slender, attractive appearance. In addition to reshaping the calves, partial calf resection has been shown to help correct leg bowing, a condition in which the leg curves outward like an archer’s bow. If you are suffering from bulky, overlarge calves, please call us today to find out more.

Selective Neurectomy

When muscles are not used, they atrophy, meaning they shrink and waste away because they are not being stimulated. When it comes to calf reduction in Los Angeles, our doctors can use this to their advantage. Selective neurectomy is a popular form of calf reduction that uses controlled atrophy to bring calf size down, giving it a slender and smooth appearance.


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Calf Reduction FAQs

Botox: Doctors carefully choose the muscles that are relaxed in the calves. The gastrocnemius muscle is usually the one which is responsible for the bulky and muscular look. The purpose of Botox is to render these muscles inactive which then leads to their shrinking ultimately resulting in a more slender appearance of the calves.

With Botox, there is no downtime and people who receive the treatment can resume their normal day-to-day functions.

Radio-frequency calf reduction: This is a minimally invasive procedure that uses radio-frequency to eliminate bulk and reduce the calf width. At the Avant Aesthetics, we use Thermi RF which is an advanced device that pinpoints the nerves’ location that needs to be addressed in the calves. Our doctors achieve precise bulk reduction while the calf functions are fully preserved.

Partial calf reduction: The two muscles responsible primarily for the bulk of the calf are the gastrocnemius muscles. Partial calf resection carried out under a general anesthetic, consists of partial removal of the medial gastrocnemius muscle and if required, the soleus and the lateral gastrocnemius. Doctors at the Avant Aesthetics can precisely control the outcome of this surgical procedure to give the desired definition. Up to 7 centimeters can be reduced in calf width through this safe procedure.

Selective neurectomy: There are three muscles in the calf namely, the lateral gastrocnemius, the medial gastrocnemius, and soleus.

At the Avant Aesthetics, our specialists select one of the three muscles to reduce its activity. When the muscle is not active, it gradually loses its bulk and shrinks in size. Selective neurectomy calls for in-depth knowledge of the technique and anatomy to precisely achieve the desired definition in the legs which our doctors have specialized in. Carried out under local anesthesia, the doctors scan the nerves to see which ones need to be clipped. The results are gradual and up to 3 centimeters of reduction in the calf width can be seen.

Calf liposuction: If there are excess fat deposits in the calf, liposuction is effective in removing them. The experts at the Avant Aesthetics make small incisions under a local anesthetic through which a cannula is inserted. The fat is then broken down into pieces and liquefied which is sucked out through the cannula.

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