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Buttocks (Butt Lift)

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Buttocks Enhancement

Buttock augmentation has been around for many years although few have heard of it until the last several years. Thus, only a handful of U.S. surgeons are thoroughly schooled in the procedure and offer it to patients. The most typical patient for a buttock augmentation are interested in this procedure because she has a boxy, flat or square rear end and wants more curves. Or, she may be very thin and just wants more volume in her rear.

There are two butt enhancement methods:

  • Fat transfer (“Brazilian Butt Lift”)
  • Buttock implants.

Based on your skin tone, the amount of fat in other areas of the body, and desired results, Dr. Liu will recommend the appropriate method. If you are very thin, and do not want implants, the surgeons may ask you to gain some weight and return. However, if you have fat to spare, the peaks of your buttocks can be made more substantial and curvier by injecting some of your own fat.