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Thermage FLX

Thermage FLX®

Address the visible signs of aging in MINUTES! Avant Aesthetics is one of the first practices to carry Thermage FLX® in Beverly Hills. The Thermage system® is a non-invasive radio frequency (RF) Therapy device that can smooth out, tighten and contour the skin for an overall rejuvenated (and more youthful) appearance.

    • No Surgery or injections.
    • Little To No Downtime.
    • 25% Faster Treatments (Compared to previous models).
    • Multiple Treatment Areas.
    • Lasting Results.
    • FDA-Approved for eyes, face and body.

Thermage FLX® Results

How Thermage FLX® Works


As we age, the collagen that keeps our skin firm breaks down which results in skin that ages creating fine lines and wrinkles.


A treatment with Thermage FLX® uses radio frequency technology which heats the deeper, collagen-rich layers of the skin.


This applied heat causes the collagen in your skin to contract and encourages the growth of new collagen.


What does this do? It helps your skin create a smoother surface after a single treatment with results that continue to improve over time.

Why Get Thermage At Avant?

We’ve Sold The Most In The Nation.

Avant Aesthetics is a Diamond Tier level practice with Thermage FLX®. That means we’ve sold the most tips and have the most experience in the US when it comes to this brand new treatment.

Our Machine Is The Real Deal.

Avant is one of the first and only practices to carry the ALL-NEW Thermage FLX® machine in Beverly Hills. You can even search on the official Thermage website to verify if the practice you’re looking at actually has it:


Thermage FLX® Videos

Thermage FLX® FAQs

With Thermage FLX®, for most patients, measurable results begin to appear anywhere between 2 to 6 months right after a single treatment. This can last for 1 or even 2 years in some cases (depending on your skin condition and aging process).

Patients typically see results 2-6 months after receiving Thermage FLX®— However, most of our patients see and feel results immediately after the treatment!

Many patients say that Thermage FLX® is less painful and faster than Ultherapy.

Yes! Thermage FLX® is the only skin-tightening device that is FDA approved to treat your full eyes (even the eyelids)!

To help deal with any discomfort, The Thermage FLX® system incorporates vibration on the skin during treatments.

During your treatment, you’ll feel brief heating sensations when the device tip touches your skin. This is followed by a cooling sensation which helps you protect your skin and minimizes any discomfort.

For patients who are more sensitive to pain, Avant Aesthetics does offer anesthesia for an additional fee.

Compared to other cosmetic procedures that require you to come in for multiple sessions, Thermage FLX® delivers results only after 1 treatment. Furthermore, the treatment has shown to deliver results that continually improve over time.

The only side effects patients have experienced are temporary redness and/or minor swelling after the treatment. This typically goes away within 24 hours.

Most of our patients return to their regular activities immediately after their Beverly Hills Thermage FLX® treatment. There are no special care instructions required after your treatment other than basic skin maintenance (such as sunscreen).

No! Thermage FLX® can treat multiple areas including: wrinkles, loose kin on the face, around the eyes and on the body.

One quick Thermage FLX® treatment can take 30 to 90 minutes depending on the area you want to treat.

Want to know if you’re a candidate for Thermage FLX® in Beverly Hills? Contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation!