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What Is TouchMD?

Touch MD is a computer hardware and software system designed to improve the relationship between doctor and patient and better-educate patients on what they can expect. With touch-screen computer technology, TouchMD allows patients who are sitting in the exam room to view information on specific topics and procedures, enhancing their education and allowing the patient a fuller understanding of the process so they can more efficiently communicate their thoughts, questions, and goals with Dr. Liu. Patients can even view animated models that can show them the potential results of specific treatments.

The TouchMD technology also helps Dr. Liu in providing you with a clear understanding of many aspects of treatment, giving him the ability to use interactive and visual tools to aid in the communication and explanation of treatment options, risks and benefits, potential results, and other factors.

Being more educated on specific procedures and able to ask specific questions helps both you and Dr. Liu, giving you an enhanced comprehension of what to expect and providing Dr. Liu with a tool to give patients that makes educational use of any downtime they incur while in our office – allowing him to more efficiently communicate with you as well.

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What Can You Expect From TouchMD?

TouchMD includes a variety of topics and virtual avenues you can explore, all by way of a state-of-the-art, touch-screen interface. These include:

  • TouchMD is customized to our practice, you can take a look at biographical and credential information on our plastic surgeon, as well as introductions to other members of our team who will be caring for you.
  • Before Surgery and After Surgery Pictures of our Patients
  • Pre-operative and post-operative information detailing what you can expect. This information can provide you with a greater understanding of the process from start to finish.
  • Procedural Topic Information and Videos for patients to review
  • Smart Phone and Desktop interface lets you take your own pictures to share with us, and see those before and after pictures that were taken by us in the office. Oftentimes patients forget where they started and are better able to appreciate the transformation that has been achieved.

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Where Can I Access My TouchMD?

You can access My TouchMD anywhere!

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