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Breast Augmentation

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Notes About Breast Types:

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  • Inframmamary Fold (the fold underneath your breasts)
  • Peri-areolar (through your areola)
  • Trans-Axilllary (through your arm pits)
  • Trans-Umbilical(through your belly button)








Motion Artifact

Motion artifact is a term used to describe situations when your breast implants jumps around when you tighten your chest muscles. It is unpredictable which patients will develop this problem. However, those with strong pectoralis major muscles are at greater risk.

What Makes Augmented Or Surgically Enhanced Breasts Look Natural?

Only you and your doctor can decide whether natural breast augmentation is right for you. Take into account your general well-being and physical condition. Also consider your reasons for wanting the process. Will this help you feel more confident and improve your overall outlook? Many women believe the process is life-changing, and have absolutely no regrets.

If you do decide to go through the procedure, be very careful to follow the steps prescribed by your doctor. Make sure you have someone at home who can help on the first day or so after the process, as you might have some pain and tenderness and want some extra TLC. Finally, be sure to follow the after-care instructions explicitly, to ensure the fastest possible recovery and best overall results.

As a prominent specialist in both reconstructive and cosmetic techniques, Dr. Perry Liu has spent the last 15+ years working with world-renowned cosmetic surgeons in a wide range of disciplines, both in the United States and in Asia. He is especially renowned for Natural breast augmentation procedures. The Avant Aesthetics office is located in Beverly Hills CA. Schedule a consultation today.



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