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Why Twenty-Somethings Love Botox

Because it’s Botox… What’s not to love. It is almost as simple as that, but almost doesn’t count.

In general, Millennials and Gen Z are paying a lot more attention to their skin, and anti-aging practices at a younger age than those who came before them. Wearing SPF, regular facials and strict skincare routines are just some of the ways the younger generations are preparing to age as gracefully as possible. They’re also proving, it’s never too early to turn to injectables, like Botox, to ensure a youthful looking glow.

It may not come as a surprise given it’s spike in popularity over the past few years, but Botox has become a go-to beauty treatment for those as young as 23… sometimes even younger! It’s gotten to a point where twenty-somethings consider “getting Botox” the same as going to the hair salon for a root touch up. It’s really become a big “priority”, especially if they work as an influencer or in the entertainment industry.

Why Do Twenty-Somethings Get Botox?

Although some of the motivation is the same, twenty-somethings are getting Botox for reasons different than women in their late 30s and beyond. The main reasons include:

  • They are using Botox “as a preventative measure”. Stopping the wrinkles before they start.
  • To delay aging and the need for more invasive procedures.
  • Keep them looking young longer.
  • They want to look their best on social mediasmooth faced selfies, duh.
  • To eliminate the dark circles under their eyes.
  • They want to look fresher and more awake, even after a long night in West Hollywood… or of work, we don’t judge.

It doesn’t have to be about not being able to move your face, sometimes a little bit goes a long way. At Avant Aesthetics, we can help.

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