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What Type of Asian Eyelid Surgery is Best for You?

Approximately 50% of Asian people are born with an eyelid that is not attached to the levator muscle. It is this attachment, or lack of it, that determines whether a person’s eyelid is creased or un-creased. Although both types of eyelids are natural and attractive, some find that a creased eyelid provides the appearance of larger eyes, and gives the effect of more balanced facial features. This is part of the reason for the growing popularity in North America of Asian blepharoplasty, also known as Asian eyelid surgery.

Beverly Hills is home to a significant Asian population, and there is a growing demand here for Asian eyelid surgery. Beverly Hills is also the undisputed plastic surgery capital of North America, and what people here want, people here can get. Not all plastic surgeons who offer this service are created equally, though, so it’s a good idea to know what your options are even before you go in for a consultation.

There are two primary methods used to artificially create an eyelid crease in patients who are lacking one. The first is called the incisional method, and the second is the non-incisional. The non-incisional method, being less invasive, has some advantages over the incisional method in terms of recovery time and chance of scarring, but is only suitable for those with very thin skin at the eyelid, and who don’t have particularly large deposits of fatty tissue around the eyes.

If you are interested in Asian eyelid surgery (Beverly Hills locations), and have suitably thin eyelid tissue, you may opt for the non-incisional method. This method involves folding, or pinching the skin of the eyelid to form a crease and then holding it in place with sutures. Some versions of this method us a small number of micro-incisions through which the sutures are anchored to the underlying cartilage to provide a more secure and longer lasting result.

When compared to the incisional method, non-incisional eyelid surgery usually results in faster recovery times and a lower chance of visible scarring because it is significantly less invasive. It is also faster to perform and patients generally consider it to involve less pain and discomfort. A potential down-side to suture-based procedures is that the results are not as long lasting as with incision-based methods.

In order to determine which type of procedure is the best fit with your needs and physiology, book a consultation with Dr. Liu to discuss your Asian eyelid surgery (Beverly Hills office). An honest discussion about your goals and needs as well as a careful examination of your specific physiology will help you set realistic and satisfying goals for your appearance, and ensure that you are happy with your results.