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What makes Dr. Liu Such a Great Plastic Surgeon?

It might be considered somewhat of a bold statement to say that Dr. Perry Liu is quite possibly the best plastic surgeon Beverly Hills has to offer, but there are a number of reasons for thinking so. Even in Beverly Hills, the plastic surgery capitol of North America, Dr. Liu stands out from a very competent and very distinguished crowd.

To start with, Dr. Liu has studied at some of the most prestigious medical schools in the world. His early education was undertaken at Duke and Emory Universities, and he had a residency, a research fellowship, and a microsurgical fellowship at New York Medical College, Harvard Medical School, and Taiwan’s famous Chang-gung Memorial Hospital respectively. His plastic surgery fellowship was done at New Orleans’ Tulane University. Neither all of that academic excellence, nor the extensive research he has performed into cancer reconstruction and advanced wound healing would be enough by itself, though, to make Dr. Liu the best plastic surgeon.

Beverly Hills is often the sort of place where real, honest, and genuine compassion can be hard to come by. True empathy and caring, even from our health care providers, is more often feigned than real. This is probably one of the main ways in which Dr. Liu distinguishes himself as one of the best plastic surgeons Beverly Hills is home to.

The one thing that all of Dr. Liu’s patients agree on is the remarkable amount of genuine care he has for each and every person he helps. From the very first moment of contact, through the consultation and surgical process, right through to the final post-operative check-up, Dr. Liu’s patients feel valued and important. They feel that way because they are. Dr. Liu entered the medical field out of a desire to help people and to make a real difference in their lives. This is why he has devoted so much of his career to helping cancer survivors regain and maintain their dignity, spent years researching ways to improve people’s ability to heal in both body and mind, and why he treats every one of his patients with an uncommon amount of respect.

If you are looking for the best plastic surgeon Beverly Hills can provide — and who isn’t — you could do worse than to book a consultation with Dr. Liu. He will listen carefully to your goals for your appearance, give you his honest assessment and advice on how best to achieve those goals, and then put at your disposal the full weight of his considerable education, experience, skill, and empathy in order to help you accomplish those goals. Regardless of what your goals are, they are as important to Dr. Liu as they are to you.