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What is Calf Reduction Surgery?

Are you self conscious about your calves? Sometimes exercise is not enough to achieve the legs of your dreams. This is because muscular hypertrophy, as well as, fat deposits can make the calves look wider than you may like. When weight loss, dieting or exercise fail to reduce the width of the calves, it might be time to look into calf reduction surgery.

Lucky for you, there are both surgical and non-surgical calf reduction options available.

Non-Surgical Calf Reduction


Using Botox to render calf muscles inactive leads to their shrinking and ultimately results in a more slender appearance of the calves. With this option, there is no downtime. Additionally patients who opt for this treatment can resume normal day-to-day functions right away.


This is a minimally invasive procedure that uses radio-frequency to eliminate bulk and reduce the calf width. One example of radio-frequency is ThermiRF. This advanced device will pinpoint the nerves’ location that needs to be addressed in the calves. This option is great to achieve precise bulk reduction while the calf functions are fully intact.

Calf Reduction Surgery Options

Partial Calf Reduction

Partial calf resection carried out under a general anesthetic, consists of partial removal of the calf muscles. A qualified and skilled plastic surgeon will be able to precisely control the outcome to ensure the desired definition. It is important to note that through this procedure, up to 7 cm can be safely taken from the width of the calves.

Selective Neurectomy

This is another option that is performed under local anesthesia. However during a selective neurectomy, the doctor scans the nerves to see which ones should be clipped. It should go without saying that you will want a plastic surgeon that is well versed in this technique. Results from this procedure are gradual. Results vary, but typically up to 3 centimeters of reduction in the calf width can be seen.

Calf Liposuction

Liposuction is another procedure used for calf reduction. It is typically used when the issue is caused by excess fat deposits in the calf. During this procedure fat is then broken down into pieces and liquefied, just like other liposuction surgeries. After it is liquefied, it sucked out through the cannula. This procedure requires local anesthesia, and a small incision on the calf to insert the cannula.

Come See “The Calf King” at Avant Aesthetics, Beverly Hills!

Consulting Dr. Perry Liu at Avant Aesthetics is the best way to understand which calf reduction option is best for you. Dr. Liu is our the Medical Director and one of the leading plastic surgeons Los Angeles has on offer, he specialized in calf reduction surgery.