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Voted Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Beverly Hills

When a doctor is voted best cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills, like Dr. Perry Liu has been, it means a lot. It is a highly competitive environment, a region that attracts some of the most highly skilled specialists in the country. Garnering such recognition among so many highly trained professionals requires real talent, something that Dr. Liu has complemented with a solid educational background, learning under some of the best surgeons in the nation. Among the specialties of this cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills are breast related cosmetic procedures.

The Natural Appeal Of Skilled Breast Reconstruction

Helping patients through the important process of breast reconstruction is an important part of the work that Dr. Lui does. He spent a solid decade learning and developing the techniques that allow him to create natural looking and feeling results. The procedural decisions and surgical processes involved in the physical reconstruction of the breast, demand the expertise of a cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills with the sort of specialized training Dr. Lui has obtained for optimum outcome. Dr. Lui and his staff take the time to explain all treatment options and procedures, helping to guide patients to the best decisions for their individual reconstruction circumstances.

Augmentation Artistry

Choosing the right shape, line, and placement of breast implants is essential to the end result produced by a skilled cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills. Those are not quick decisions. They are highly individual, and Dr. Lui is one cosmetic surgeon who invests time into helping his clients to make informed decisions. There is never any hurry or pressure, because Dr. Lui and his staff know from experience just how important this pre-surgical breast augmentation decision making period is to achieving lasting satisfaction. Dr. Lui keeps up to date with the latest in breast augmentation procedures, including fat transfer. Moving fat from one area to another can avoid implants, and is a more natural solution that is right for many clients.

Experience Makes The Difference

When seeking a cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills for your breast reduction, augmentation, lift, or construction, experience makes the difference in how satisfied you’re going to be with the end result. The best outcomes require more than mechanical or technical skill. They also require talent and artistry, something that Dr. Lui has demonstrated again and again. That is exactly why he has been voted the best cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills.