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Tummy Tuck Surgery: Is It Right For Me?

In the age of the COVID-19 lockdown, plastic surgeons are seeing a spike in consultations and, in turn, surgeries. One procedure, in particular, seems to be more popular than the rest, tummy tuck surgery. Women and men are flocking to their favorite plastic surgeon to go under the knife, while being able to basically stay undercover for recovery.

Can you blame them? Recovering from plastic surgery whilst only being able to attend meetings via Zoom. Where do we sign up?! To get back on track, if you are considering a tummy tuck or have been for quite sometime, this is your sign… now is the time!

What is Tummy Tuck Surgery?

The abdomen typically fails to get back to its original shape when the midsection (tummy) has been stretched out due to factors such as pregnancy or weight-loss and weight-gain. That’s where tummy tuck surgery comes in! A tummy tuck is done to tighten the abdominal muscles and remove any sagging, excess skin, as well as fatty tissue giving patients less skin and a thinner waistline.

In short, if you have recently lost a ton of weight, for one reason or another, and can’t seem to get your skin to tighten back up, a tummy tuck might just be for you.

Look and Feel Your Best

Aside from the physical benefits we mentioned above, there is another big time benefit of getting a tummy tuck… and it comes from within!

Increased Self-Esteem

It’s hard to feel our best when we don’t think we look our best. Excess fat can cause us to feel self-conscious about how we look. Maybe you don’t like to go out in public in a bathing suit, or you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin because of the excess fat and skin in your stomach, a tummy tuck can help. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is attainable, sometimes it just takes a little nip/tuck to help.

Considering tummy tuck surgery? We suggest that you schedule a consultation a plastic surgeon who is experienced like our very own Dr. Liu. This consultation will help us to evaluate what is best for you and what will achieve the best results. Call us today! (310) 855-3960