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Top 5 2021 Plastic Surgery Trends

Another trip around the sun means new trends in everything from fashion to food, and everything in between. Of course, the world of plastic surgery is not immune to spikes in popularity of one procedure verses another. Although you can never really predict exact outcomes of these trends until they’re over, we’ve complied a list of what we feel will be the top 5 2021 plastic surgery trends.

1. Breast Augmentation

It may be a new year, but somethings seem to stay the same. Patients want bigger breasts, and Dr. Liu is here to deliver.

There are several different methods for breast augmentation. The most well-known being the use of implants. Implants can both increase fullness and projection of the breasts, as well as improve balance of breast and hip contours. Breast implants are also great for enhancing self-image and increasing confidence. 

The up and coming favorite method is a fat transfer. Fat Transfer is the newest breast enlargement technique, but transferring fat from one part of the body to another has been around for awhile (think BBL). This technique is increasing in popularity because it is the most natural choice for breast augmentation, and the results are amazing.

2. Rhinoplasty & Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

This trend is easy to predict because, well… masks. Since we are still mostly confined to our homes, or only outside while wearing our PPE, there is more time to hide and recover out of the public eye. Patients are still taking advantage making these two a shoe-in for 2021 plastic surgery trends. Both rhinoplasties and “liquid” rhinoplasties have become increasingly popular in 2020 and we don’t see that trend dying out anytime soon. So if you’re not into the downtime that comes with a regular nose job, opt for filler and be ready to rock ass soon as some slight swelling goes down.

3. Fat Transfer

We mentioned the “fat transfer” method for breast augmentation above, but there are so many more possibilities. Fat transfers, also known in the medical world as “fat grafting” is really a two-for-one deal. You’re reducing body fat in one area, through liposuction, and then enhancing another by moving that fat to a more desire-able area. Not to mention, you can have harvested fat injected into more than one part of the body.

Fat transfers can be done to the buttocks (BBL), face to replace filler, and again in the breasts for a more natural augmentation. The versatility and “more bang for your buck” mentality are why we think fat transfers will be one of the 2021 top plastic surgery trends.

4. Noninvasive Skin Tightening & Body Contouring Treatments

Not ready to go under the knife, but the gym just isn’t cutting it?You’re certainly not alone. Patients are turning to noninvasive methods such as Thermage and SculpSure. Both offer amazing results and little to no downtime.

5. Injectables

With more and more people getting injectables younger and younger for preventative or aesthetic purposes, there’s no way these guys go away anytime soon. The versatility of the product and the overall pop culture effect “botox” and “filler” have had are bound to keep injectables trendy for many years to come.

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