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Prepping for Plastic Surgery

Proper preparation for plastic surgery is vital to ensure that your procedure goes smoothly and that the results meet your expectations. It could be argued that prepping for plastic surgery and the recovery is the most important part… aside from the actual surgery of course, but that falls on the surgeon. Here’s what you can do to help your recovery process and results…

Maintain Your Physical Health

This one is pretty much common sense, however it is super important. The better your health is before the surgery, the easier your recovery and more predictable your results will be. Keep yourself in shape and eat right before and after your surgery. If you have any questions, your surgeon will be able to give you the specifics ta your pre-op consultation.

Refrain from Using Tobacco Products

No other activity increases the chance for risks and complications both during and after surgery more than using tobacco. Not only that, those who consume tobacco products have an increased chance of wound healing concerns and , in turn, unpleasant scarring. Stopping the use of tobacco even a month before your operation will significantly improve the levels of oxygen in the blood, as well as your body’s ability to fight off infection. Prepping for plastic surgery by abstaining from tobacco will be hard, but ultimately so worth it.

It is important to note that some surgeons won’t operate on smokers, but it is important not to withhold any information from them.

Prepping Yourself & Your Home for Plastic Surgery

To ensure a smooth, speedy recovery make sure that you:

  • Fill all of your prescriptions before the day of surgery
  • Have someone you trust drive you home and stay with you for the first few nights
  • Schedule help to assist you with everyday chores and childcare, if necessary
  • Secure everything you need to create a stress-free environment in which to rest and recover comfortably.

If you are ready to start your plastic surgery journey, contact Avant Aesthetics to set up a consultation.