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What Makes Dr. Liu So Special?

That Dr. Perry Liu is a great plastic surgeon, one of the best in Beverly Hills, is not in doubt. You only have to ask his former patients about him to receive glowing, over the moon testimonials. What is it, though, that makes Dr. Liu such a wonderful practitioner of his chosen profession.

To understand what it is that sets Dr. Liu apart from his peers, it’s important to first understand his focus on education, both his education as well as that of the next generation of plastic surgeons. A graduate of Duke University, Emory University, and New York Medical College, Dr. Liu’s education was one of the best available. In order to further his understanding of reconstructive and specialized cosmetic procedures he then went on to a research fellowship at Boston’s Harvard Medical School and Brigham & Women’s Hospital, and a microsurgical fellowship at Taiwan’s renowned Chang-gung Memorial Hospital.

It is this understanding of the importance of education in a plastic surgeon’s ability to better serve his patients that has led Dr. Liu to take a position on the teaching faculty at Cedars-Sinai medical center. In addition to providing his patients with the best medical care possible, he also endeavors to provide tomorrow’s plastic surgeons with the best education possible.

Although the focus of his education and early training was primarily in the reconstructive side of plastic surgery, Dr. Liu is no stranger to the artistic side of the discipline. He has long been a student of the art of traditional Chinese painting which emphasizes concepts of balance and harmony, and which encourages the achievement of greater effect through simplicity. These are all concepts that have served him well in his practice as a plastic surgeon, as plastic surgery is an area where balance and harmony are of paramount importance and where, more often than not, less really is more.
But while both of these things are important factors in Dr. Liu’s continuing reputation as one of Beverly Hills best plastic surgeons, it is something else entirely that truly makes him special.

The one thing most commonly cited by Dr. Liu’s past patients, the one reason that they give for their satisfaction with their experience, the one thing that truly sets Dr. Liu apart from his peers is his genuine, heartfelt concern for the happiness and well-being of his patients.

When you sit down for consultation with Dr. Liu you know immediately that his only goals in that consultation are to determine what your goals are, to make sure that they are realistic goals given your circumstances and physiology, and to then help you achieve those goals through the most effective means possible. That’s why Dr. Liu is so special.