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Natural Breast Augmentation in Beverly Hills Blog

For women interested in having a more natural breast augmentation, Beverly Hills can be both a wonderful, and a terrible place to be. It’s a wonderful place to be because when it comes to natural breast augmentation, Beverly Hills provides almost unlimited choices with regards to great surgeons to perform the procedure. It can be a terrible place to be because when it comes to natural breast augmentation, Beverly Hills provides… well, you get the idea.

Perhaps the most important thing to consider with natural breast augmentation, Beverly Hills-based or otherwise, is to know your options, understand the procedure, and know what to look for in a surgeon.

Natural Versus Implants

Unlike more traditional, implant-based augmentation, natural augmentation (Lipomolding) doesn’t involve the insertion of foreign objects into the patient’s body. Rather than implanting bags of either saline solution or silicone gel into the breast tissue, the patient’s own fat is removed from areas with access fatty tissue, and then injected into the patient’s breasts resulting in the potential for significant increases in size.

Because the patient’s own tissues are being used, relocated if you will, there is no chance the patient will reject the new material — her body will recognize the fat cells as her own. Also, because the fat is both removed and injected through micro-cannula, which require only the smallest of incisions, scarring is kept to a minimum.

For some patients, an even bigger benefit of Lipomolding is that, in addition to increasing breast size, they are also able to remove unsightly fat from other parts of their bodies. Whether hips, tummy, buttocks, or thighs — any part of the body with excess fat to be removed can be used to supply tissue for a breast augmentation. There is also no chance of leaking, or deflation with Lipomolding, because there’s nothing to leak or deflate.

What to Look for

Although many plastic surgeons are now offering natural breast augmentation as a service, not all plastic surgeons are created equal. It’s important to consider things like a surgeon’s education and experience, of course. Did he go to a good school, or schools? Where did he perform his internships, and where did he receive his post-degree training?

It is also important to remember that your body is a work of art, not a machine – you are looking for an artist, not a mechanic. The procedures you choose, and the way in which they are performed will have a considerable impact on both the way you look, and the way you feel about the way you look. It’s therefore very important to choose a surgeon with a good aesthetic sense. A background in the visual arts is a definite bonus when it comes to plastic surgeons.

If you’re considering natural breast augmentation, Beverly Hills is more wonderful place than terrible. With surgeons like Dr. Perry Liu, who combine world-class skills and training with a delicate aesthetic sensibility, you’re well on your way to having the body of your dreams.

Dr. Perry Liu is a board certified plastic surgeon. His skills embody the convergence of art and medicine that is the essence of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Dr. Liu is graduate of Duke University, and continued on to medical school at Emory University in Atlanta You can find Dr. Perry Liu on Google+