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Labiaplasty Options in Beverly Hills

When it comes to labiaplasty, Beverly Hills’ community of plastic surgeons is a bit divided on which is the superior method. The two most commonly used methods — the “trim” and the “wedge” methods — both result in a relatively similar final appearance, but there are some very important differences in how they are performed and the results they can achieve. Are the two methods interchangeable, or are the differences significant enough to be of concern to patients?

The trim method of labiaplasty Beverly Hills surgeons use involves the removal of a section of the labia that goes from front to back all along the edge. Removing the excess tissue in this way has some important implications for the final appearance. The first is that, because the surgeon can trim the tissue back as little or as much as the patient desires, the resulting line of the new inner labial edge can be made inside the line of the outer labia, giving a much cleaner and neater aesthetic. One potential downside is that this method results in a line of scar tissue running the entire length of the labial edge. This scar tissue can be overly sensitive, and lacks the natural coloration of the original labial edge tissue.

The wedge method, which is a somewhat newer method of performing a labiaplasty Beverly Hills doctors have been fairly eager to adopt, works in a slightly different way. Rather than trimming the entire leading edge a triangular, or wedge-shaped, section of tissue is removed from the labia, and the two remaining edges are then sutured together, thereby tightening the remaining labial tissue. This method results in a more natural appearance for the visible portion of the inner labia. It also produces a scar that travels away from, rather than along the edge of the labia.

In the end, which method of labiaplasty is right for you will depend entirely on a combination of your physiology and your goals for the appearance of your labia. Some women dislike the appearance of the darker, tougher skin that is generally found along the edge of the inner labia. Some women would prefer to keep their labia minora from protruding past their labia majora entirely. For those women, the trim method is the obvious best choice. Other women prefer a more natural look and are only interested in a reduction of the total size and extent of their labia. For these women, the wedge method is likely the better choice.

If you are considering the possibility of a labiaplasty (Beverly Hills area) in the near or even distant future, book a consultation with Dr. Liu to discuss your goals and your options for achieving those goals.