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Why Combine a Labiaplasty and a Vaginoplasty?

We’re all familiar with some of the more common effects of time and age our bodies; the middle-age spread, saddlebags, the tummy that just won’t go away. Less familiar are some of the effects that age, and childbirth in particular, can have on the vagina. For women who find that age and children have brought them loose vaginal walls and protruding labia, a combined vaginoplasty and labiaplasty can be the answer.

Pregnancy and childbirth are, without question, the most stressful and extreme experience a woman can put her body through. The tissues of the vagina, in their elasticity, are one of the wonders of nature. The ability to stretch to accommodate the passage of a baby, and then resume their original shape and dimensions is fantastic. Time and age, however, often reduce the body’s ability to snap back. As they get older, many women find their bodies beginning to sag in some surprising places.

It’s a very common and normal thing to have labia minora (inner vaginal lips) that extend past the labia majora (the outer vaginal lips). Some women find, though, that as they age their labia extend further, and further out. In addition to causing physical discomfort, this can often cause social anxiety — especially in the bedroom. Increasingly, women with excessively protruding labia are choosing to undergo labiaplasty to regain a more youthful appearance for their vagina.

In addition to a more youthful appearance, many women are also opting for a more youthful feel. By combining a labiaplasty procedure with a vaginoplasty, they are choosing to roll back the clock on both the appearance and the function of that most private of areas.

A vaginoplasty is a procedure wherein a plastic surgeon reduces the dimensions of the vaginal opening as well as tightening the vaginal muscles and tissue. The effects of this, especially in the bedroom, should be fairly obvious. After giving birth, many women report feeling “looser” than they did before and a vaginoplasty can be just the thing to restore everything to the way it was before you had kids.

A labiaplasty involves removing excess labial tissue, usually from the labia minora although occasionally the labia majora are altered as well. This is most often performed as a corrective measure for excessive discoloration and deformation caused by aging and the demands of childbirth. It is also quite often performed in combination with many vaginoplasties.

Dr. Liu offers both procedures as part of his Sexesthetics line of procedures. To find out if you are a good candidate for a combined labia- and vaginoplasty, book a consultation today. Dr. Liu will discuss your goals and situation with you, and help you choose your best course of action.