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What is Labiaplasty?

Time and gravity can work together to make a great many changes to our bodies over the years. When you add in what childbirth can do, in particular to certain parts of our bodies, it’s amazing we can even recognize ourselves.

One of the things that time, childbirth, and aging can do is to make the labia minora (the inner vaginal lips) stretch out, causing them to protrude past the bounds of the labia majora (the outer vaginal lips) or, if they had always protruded past the labia majora, to do so to a much greater extent. Although not as common as some cosmetic surgery procedures, labiaplasty is one way to fight back against the ravages of time if you find you are becoming embarrassed about the look of your labia, or if they are protruding to such an extent that they are causing discomfort or even pain.

Labiaplasty is a fairly straightforward outpatient procedure that involves minimal pain, and can be performed under local anesthetic. In cases of high patient anxiety, or given a higher than normal chance of complications, conscious sedation (sometimes called “twilight sleep”) or a general anesthetic can be used. It is usually 3 to 4 days before a patient can resume light activities (nothing strenuous) with full recovery taking up to a month.

The two most common techniques used in labiaplasty are the trim method, and the wedge, or V method. The trim method involves the removal of the entire outer edge of the labia, removing not only excess tissue, but also the darker edged tissues in their entirety. Some women prefer this technique, as they dislike the naturally occurring darker color of the labia minora’s outer edge. The wedge method retains a portion of the outer edge of the labia which is then, through suturing, used to form the entire new outer edge. This allows the patient to keep a more natural appearance, and avoids the scarring that would otherwise run along the entire edge of the labia.

Standard labiaplasty of the labia minora can be combined with other procedures aimed at reducing or reversing the effects of aging in the vaginal area. The walls of the vagina can be tightened, the shape of the labia majora can be sculpted, and the G spot can even be enlarged to enhance sexual pleasure.

If you’re tired of letting time and gravity have their way with you, and are considering taking steps towards reclaiming a more youthful appearance, especially in your “private” areas, call Dr. Liu today to book a consultation. Through a combination of clinical examination and honest, personal conversation, he can help you decide what step, or steps, best suit your needs and goals.

Dr. Perry Liu is a Beverly Hills board certified plastic surgeon. His skills embody the convergence of art and medicine that is the essence of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Dr. Liu is graduate of Duke University, and continued on to medical school at Emory University in Atlanta You can find Dr. Perry Liu on Google+.