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Injectables: What NOT To Do After Your Treatment

Injectables like BOTOX®, Juvéderm®, and Restylane® seem to be all the rage these days. Whether it’s to fix lines and wrinkles that are already there or to prevent them from happening in the future, men and women are flocking to their favorite medspas to look (and feel) their best.

You may be wondering why injectables are becoming so popular? Well, not only are they are an effective, but injectables are also a noninvasive and relatively pain-free way achieve a more youthful appearance.

Although there isn’t much aftercare needed for injectables, understanding how to properly care for yourself following treatment can enhance results. Injectables come with very little downtime, however you’ll still need to be careful with certain activities for a few days. This ensures that you stay comfortable and your results the best they can be. We’ve put together a little guide on “what not to do” post injectables…

Don’t: Workout

We recommend avoiding exercise for 24-48 hours after your treatment. Vigorous activity can heighten blood pressure which can lead to an increase in discomfort, as well as add to the risk of bruising.

Don’t: Get A Facial or Massage

Did you know that facial massage or treatments can exacerbate bruising or even displace filler?

While combining facials and injectables provide great results, the order in which you receive these treatments is important. This is because too much pressure in the treatment area before the filler has settled can impact the results. If you want to enhance your injectables with a facial treatment, be sure to have the facial before your injections, or book it at least a week or two after.

Don’t: Go Drinking with Friends

Since alcohol is a blood-thinner, we suggest that you do not drink for at least 24 hours BEFORE or AFTER your appointment. Consuming alcohol can increase your risk of bleeding during treatment, as well as exacerbate bruising after. Our blood vessels in the face are close to the surface, that even one alcoholic beverage the night before could present problems.

Thinking About Making the Jump?

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