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Gift Guide: 5 Gift Ideas for Plastic Surgery Patients

The upcoming holidays are a great time for a celebratory gift to a loved one who recently had a plastic surgery procedure. Not sure where to start? We’ve put together a holiday gift guide for the best presents to give after some of our most popular procedures…

Breast Augmentation or Breast Revision: Lingerie Gift Card

What’s a better way to celebrate your new boobs than with an all expenses paid lingerie shopping trip? Answer: There is none. This may be the most obvious item in our gift guide, but giving your gal the opportunity to choose just the right bras for her new figure is a great way to show your support, literally and figuratively. Even if she can’t wear the bra right away, it will still be a fun, confidence boosting gift.

Facelift: Extra Pampering with a Spa Day

One great way to treat a friend who has had a facelift is with a facial or skincare treatment. Not only will they appreciate being pampered, but their refreshed skin will only enhance the success of the surgery.

At Avant Aesthetics, we customize your facial to meet both your skin’s need and your skin goals. A specialized facial will be the cherry on top of a wrinkle-free face!

Body Contouring: Cozy Recovery PJ’s

We know that pajamas are an obvious staple on every holiday gift guide. However, if your loved one has just had a procedure, such as a tummy tuck or liposuction, you probably won’t get the eye roll you would on a “normal holiday”. After surgery, patients are told to spend plenty of time resting as they heal. What better way to relax than in a pair of new, cute, comfy pajamas? There isn’t one.

Brazilian Butt Lift: a Little Black Dress

Patients who have had a Brazilian butt lift will likely want to show off their brand new hour-glass shape. Enter, the little black dress. Paired with a weekend in Miami (wink, wink) there is no better way to celebrate a new shape. If you’re not sure exactly what they’ll feel comfortable in, take them out on a shopping trip and let them pick what they like. After all, shopping is the perfect day date!

Nose Job: Fashionable Facemask

It’s 2020, not only is a facemask required in most places, but it’s also the best way to hide a recent Rhinoplasty. That’s right! With nose jobs on the rise for just that reason, we didn’t want to not include this perfect, and very practical, present in our gift guide.

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