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Curious About Breast Implant Revision? READ THIS

So you have breast implants… Maybe for a long time, you loved your results, but now your implants feel too big for your body. Or maybe you never “loved” the size or shape and wished you could go back for a “do over”. Is this even possible? For sure. It’s called a breast implant revision, and here at Avant Aesthetics, we are here to assist you with all of your needs!

We hate to break it to you, but breast implant revision isn’t always as easy as swapping out for a smaller size. As with the first breast augmentation, the experience can differ from patient-to-patient.

As you research your options for implant revision, keep the following in mind:

Find An Experienced Breast Implant Revision Plastic Surgeon

It is important that your surgeon is cut out for the task, since a secondary procedure is often more challenging to perform than the initial procedure. Keep in mind that it takes considerably more skill and experience to achieve a beautiful result from a secondary surgery. This is especially true if things weren’t done quite right the first time around, or your procedure was “botched”.

Be prepared that unlike planning your original procedure where you could essentially pick the size you wanted, you will be largely relying on your plastic surgeon. It is best to trust their knowledge and experience to know what will work best for you. This is why it is critical to make sure your plastic surgeon has performed several breast implant revision surgery on patients with needs similar to yours.

You May Need A Lift As Well.

…especially if you’re looking to downsize. Since reducing size will also reduce breast volume, a lift may be necessary to prevent sagging. To put it simply, the more dramatic the downside of your implant size the more of a lift you’ll need.

Surgery Time And Costs Vary

Breast implant replacement is usually a very straightforward procedure for patients with good skin elasticity and no complications to address. However there are other times that the surgery will not be so simple. If you have to address issues like capsular contracture, sagging, or asymmetry there will be more to your procedure. Since these more intricate procedures require additional operating time it will, most likely, also come with an additional cost.

Considering Breast Implant Revision In Beverly Hills? We Know a Guy!

Dr. Perry Liu, our highly qualified, board certified plastic surgeon, is highly experienced in breast augmentation and revision procedures. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.