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Choosing the Right Surgeon for Your Breast Reconstruction is Important

Many women, when choosing a surgeon to perform their breast reconstruction, tend to think that any old plastic surgeon will do. If you’ve just come through a battle with cancer, and you’ve been dealing with issues as weighty as your own mortality and the loss of a breast or breasts, all while feeling ill and weakened from both the disease and the treatments, it can be tempting to take this decision lightly. After everything you’ve been through, does it really matter who performs your breast reconstruction? Beverly Hills is full of plastic surgeons who would be happy to tell you “no, it doesn’t matter, come on in” — but it does.

Your breast reconstruction (Beverly Hills office) is not only an important part of your healing process — one that should be treated with the respect and gravity it deserves — but it is also a very complex and demanding procedure. It is not a procedure that any old plastic surgeon is capable of performing, let alone performing well. When choosing a doctor to perform your breast reconstruction, and help you to complete your healing journey, there are a number of things to consider.

The first, and almost certainly the most important thing to consider, is whether or not your plastic surgeon has a background in reconstructive surgery. Reconstructive surgery is the branch of plastic surgery that deal specifically with repairing damage, and rebuilding parts of the body that have been removed or rendered nonfunctional through accident, genetic defect, or via a necessary, but unfortunate, medical procedure. The latter is, of course, the case with breast reconstruction.

Beverly Hills, although home to a disproportionately large number of plastic surgeons, only has a handful of reconstructive surgery specialists. It is, however, a fairly large handful, which brings us to the second most important criteria for choosing between them — empathy, caring, and an ability to listen.

It is actually difficult to overstate the importance of these qualities in the surgeon who will be performing your breast reconstruction. Beverly Hills’ plastic surgeons can be prone to feeling that they know better than their patients what their patients want, and what their patients need. To be honest, having so recently gone through what you’ve gone through, and standing on the cusp of putting yourself through even more medical procedures and surgeries, no matter how necessary or useful those procedures are to your physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, what you really need is a doctor who listens, and who respects you.

When you’re ready, call Dr. Liu to book a consultation. His unique combination of expertise in reconstructive surgery, and genuine caring and understanding are what make him your best choice for breast reconstruction.