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Information on Breast Reconstruction in Beverly Hills

Although better known as a major center for cosmetic surgery, for those in need of breast reconstruction Beverly Hills can provide some of the best options available in North America.

Most commonly performed for women who have lost a breast or breasts to cancer or, less frequently, to a traumatic injury, breast reconstruction is an important part of the rehabilitation process and a return to normalcy for women who have had their lives both threatened and overturned by events that were largely outside of their control.

For a woman who has just won an exhausting battle with a disease as insidious as cancer, the loss of one or both breasts, and the consequential feelings of losing her femininity, is a burden no one should have to bear. It is adding insult to the already grievous injury of the cancer itself. Breast reconstruction, Beverly Hills based or otherwise, is a way of evening out the balance sheet in favor of a courageous woman who has survived against stiff odds.

The fight against and recovery from cancer takes an enormous toll on anyone who goes through it. Even those women who survive and go on to regain full physical health can be left feeling that the disease has exacted a heavy price from them. That price is most often paid in the form of the loss of a breast. This loss, this price paid for survival, can have an enormous impact on a person’s emotional and spiritual health. Breast reconstruction (Beverly Hills office) is as freeing and restorative as the loss of the breast is crippling.

The reconstruction itself is usually performed by using a combination of the patient’s own tissue, relocated from somewhere else, and prosthetics in the form of standard breast implants used in breast augmentations. A section of muscle and some fatty tissue is usually relocated from the patient’s abdomen, under the skin and secured at the chest. The original blood supply is maintained, so that the relocated tissue is still a living part of the woman’s body. Cosmetic touches such as reconstructing nipples and areola, and tattooing them to a natural color can put the final touches on the process and restore a sense of normalcy that completes the healing process.

Dr. Perry Liu’s extensive training in, experience with, and research into reconstructive techniques — specifically neck and breast reconstruction — make him uniquely qualified to perform your breast reconstruction (Beverly Hills location), and his dedication to the physical and emotional health of his patients make him the perfect choice to help you complete your healing journey. If you are ready to start your breast reconstruction process, book a consultation with Dr. Liu and find out what your options are.