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Blepharoplasty: For Those Sick & Tired of Looking Sick & Tired

Do your coworkers often say, “you look tired, not getting enough sleep?” or “you don’t look like you’re feeling well.”? If it happens often enough, you might just be a candidate for what we in the plastic surgery realm call a Blepharoplasty.

Do you have questions? We have all you need to know below!

What is a Blepharoplasty?

Eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure to rejuvenate the appearance of the eyes and surrounding area. If your are concerned with excess sagging skin, or fatty deposits on the upper eyelid a blepharoplasty may be the solution.

How is a Blepharoplasty Preformed?

In short, during a blepharoplasty, your plastic surgeon first cuts along the creases of your eyelids. He then will trim sagging skin and muscle and also to remove excess fat. Then your surgeon will then join the skin with tiny stitches. It’s as easy as one, two three… kind of.

Am I a Candidate for a Blepharoplasty?

The best surgical candidate is always a healthy, non smoker without any serious eye or major medical condition. Some other contraindications may apply, please consult a board certified plastic surgeon for more information.

How Invasive is the Procedure?

Upper eyelid surgery can be performed in the office with localized numbing and downtime is minimal. Recovery time is about one week. Guess what? The great news is that incisions are designed for scars to be easily hidden. This makes them virtually undetectable when fully healed. The results of eyelid surgery are long lasting correcting certain conditions permanently.

Do You Offer Eye-Lid Surgery?

Absolutely. Check out some of our before and afters. If you’re sick and tired of looking sick and tired, book your consultation here. Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram for updates, giveaways and specials!