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How to Choose the Best Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills

When most of us consider having some work done we don’t generally consider choosing anyone but the best plastic surgeon Beverly Hills can offer. Given how great an effect our choice of plastic surgeon can have on both our appearance and our self-image, this should come as no surprise.

It can be a difficult task, though, to figure out who exactly is the best plastic surgeon Beverly Hills can boast. It isn’t necessarily the most famous surgeon, or the most expensive, or the one with the most lavishly decorated office, and the question is further complicated by the idea that the surgeon who is best for one person isn’t necessarily the best for another.

One thing that is for certain is that a surgeon who understands and respects what you need and want for your appearance is far better than a surgeon who doesn’t. The first thing you should look for in a plastic surgeon is someone who listens carefully to what you have to say, who asks questions, and who wants to make sure he understands exactly what you want out of your cosmetic surgery. If you have a consultation with a doctor who spends more time telling you what he would like to do than listening to what you’d like to have done, you might want to continue your search elsewhere.

Finding a surgeon who understands what you hope to achieve isn’t much use, of course, unless he also has the skills to turn your vision into reality. There is no iron-clad, one hundred percent effective way to measure a surgeon’s skill in advance, of course, but there are ways to get a pretty good idea.

When it comes to judging the surgical skill of your doctor, training and education can be reasonably good indicators. Graduating from a well known university is no guarantee of a high level of ability, but it is a guarantee of a certain level of competence. A further indicator is what your doctor specialized in during medical school and during his internships. A doctor who specialized in reconstructive or micro-surgical techniques is more likely to be the best plastic surgeon, Beverly Hills based or otherwise, than a doctor who focused entirely on rhinoplasty.

Plastic surgery is about more than pure surgical technique, though. It is a unique blending of art and medical science, and the best plastic surgeon Beverly Hills can provide is one who has a solid aesthetic and artistic sensibility. The best way to judge that is to look at before and after photos of your surgeon’s past patients. Doing so, generally at a consultation with your surgeon, will give you a concrete idea of what your doctor is capable of.