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Who is the Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Beverley Hills?

Is Dr. Perry Liu the best cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills? This seems like a fairly straightforward question, until we stop to think about what it actually means. Is he the best cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills for whom? Different people can have very different needs, after all. Is he the best cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills at one specific procedure, or just in general? Also, what do we mean by best? What criteria should we use to compare cosmetic surgeons and decide who is better, and who is the best?

The biggest problem in deciding who is the best cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills is that different people have different needs in a plastic surgeon.

• Some people have deep psychological trauma as a result of their perceived inadequacies or abnormalities, whether justified or not, and require a specific type of personality in their cosmetic surgeon.
• Other people pose unusual challenges by nature of their body type, their desired goals, or their need for specialized procedures, and not every plastic surgeon can meet those challenges.
• Trust is a huge issue when choosing a plastic surgeon, and many people only trust a doctor with a certain caliber of education and training.
The best choice for one person may not be the best choice for another.

A cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Liu, though, possesses a mix of skills, abilities, and characteristics that makes him a good fit for a great many people.

Dr. Liu is well known for taking the time to properly understand the needs of his patients through in-depth consultations. This allows them to understand exactly what each of his patients hopes to accomplish through cosmetic surgery, and provides adequate time to examine each and every option available in order to choose the best one.

For patients with unusual body types, or who wish to achieve a very specific look, Dr. Liu’s background in traditional Chinese painting can be reassuring. In addition to the medical and surgical aspects of plastic surgery, there is also a very significant aesthetic component, and Dr. Liu’s eye for balance, harmony, and aesthetically pleasing forms is invaluable in helping his patients to achieve not only the look they want, but a look they’ll be happy with — which isn’t always the same thing.

If you’re concerned about the quality of your plastic surgeons education and training, Dr. Liu is the surgeon for you. He graduated from both Duke and Emory Universities, and had research and surgical fellowships at Harvard Medical School and Chang-gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan. In addition to having received some of the best training in the world, Dr. Liu is dedicated to passing on his knowledge to the next generation of plastic surgeons. He also teaches cosmetic surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center here in Los Angeles.

While it may not be possible to answer the question of who is the best cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills, it seems clear that Dr. Perry Liu is clearly a very strong contender for the title.