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Best Cosmetic Surgeon, Beverly Hills Area

When you’re trying to find the best cosmetic surgeon Beverly Hills has to offer, there are a number of criteria you can consider. You’ll probably want to look at before and after pictures of previous patients, although that can be of limited use when evaluating a doctor. Every patient is unique, which means that the results a particular doctor got with one patient, good or bad, won’t necessarily have any bearing on the kind of results he will get when performing your procedure. Still, we need some sort of objective criteria when determining what makes the best cosmetic surgeon.

Beverly Hills is the land of cosmetic surgery, so most of us know a few people who had some work done. One of the most common ways people choose a plastic surgeon is through word-of-mouth; they ask their friends where they got their work done, and choose based on the results their friends had. This is a good enough way to go about it in terms of giving yourself a general idea of who to consider, but is still unlikely to provide you with the name of the best cosmetic surgeon Beverly Hills, or surrounding area, can provide.

If you really want to find the best cosmetic surgeon, Beverly Hills-based or otherwise, then you should look at his training, his experience, and the variety of services he performs. Dr. Perry Liu, for example, received his degrees from Duke University and Emory University and, in addition to other prestigious fellowships, he has received a research fellowship at Harvard Medical School. He’s likewise received numerous accolades for performing and publishing important research into cancer reconstruction, and the ways that wounds heal.

Dr. Liu has donated a great deal of his time and expertise towards helping breast cancer survivors recover as much of their feelings of femininity and self image as possible, through often complex and difficult reconstructive surgeries. This dedication to helping those in need is a simple reflection of many of the reasons he entered medicine in the first place.

In addition to his academic training, Dr. Liu has a wealth of hands-on, practical training which he has received in many highly regarded hospitals in both the United States and Taiwan. In addition to standard cosmetic procedures, he has extensive training in a number of microsurgery and reconstruction disciplines including head, neck, and breast reconstruction techniques. But does all this make him the best cosmetic surgeon Beverly Hills can lay claim to?

Not content merely to practice his profession, improve his skills, and improve the appearance, self-image, and lives of his patients, Dr. Liu is also a member of the teaching faculty of LA’s world-famous Cedars-Sinai medical Center. He considers it part of his duty as an experienced surgeon to help train the next generation of cosmetic surgeons. Is this dedication not only to his patients, but to the health and well-being of his entire profession that makes Dr. Liu one of, if not the best cosmetic surgeon Beverly Hills can provide.