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Best Cosmetic Surgeon – Beverly Hills

When it comes to the best cosmetic surgeon Beverly Hills can provide, it’s a pretty tight race. When deciding who’s the best we can consider things like education, or cost, but a high-end degree doesn’t always equal high-end knowledge or skills, and high price doesn’t always equal high-quality — you don’t always get what you pay for, even when what you think you’re paying for is the best cosmetic surgeon.

Beverly Hills is, in most people’s opinion, the cosmetic surgery capital of the world, so it stands to reason that the best cosmetic surgeon Beverly Hills has to offer is, quite possibly, the best cosmetic surgeon in the world; one of the best, at any rate. But what qualities make that surgeon the best, or make one cosmetic surgeon better than another?

The best cosmetic surgeon Beverly Hills is home to, is one who understands that cosmetic surgery is a melding of art and medicine. It doesn’t matter how clean a surgeon’s technique is, or how minimal the scarring he leaves behind. If the final result isn’t aesthetically pleasing, he is not a good cosmetic surgeon, let alone the best cosmetic surgeon. Beverly Hills, though, is where Dr. Perry Liu has his practice.

Dr. Liu is both a highly respected, and very experienced cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon. He also has a background in traditional Chinese painting, it is this artistic background and temperament that provides him with the aesthetic sense necessary to get the best looking results for each and every patient.

Another way to determine the quality of a cosmetic surgeon is to look at the breadth and depth of services he offers. Some cosmetic surgeons are jacks of all trades, offering every procedure under the sun but performing none of those procedures particularly well. Other plastic surgeons are entirely too specialized. They do one or two things particularly well, but that’s all they do. This type of surgeon is no better than the first, as they tend to be unaware of other procedures that may be more appropriate for a given patient, or situation.

The best cosmetic surgeons are able to offer a wide variety of treatments and procedures and, in addition to the variety, also specialize to a certain degree in a few of those procedures. Dr. Liu, for example, can perform anything from the standard liposuction procedures, face lifts, breast augmentations to cutting-edge stem cell treatments, and nonsurgical age prevention techniques. He also specializes in a number of Asian specific procedures, primarily relating to the eyelids and the bridge of the nose, as well as specializing in reconstructive surgery, particularly of the breast.

It isn’t his extensive education at top-level universities, nor is it is wealth of experience across two continents. It isn’t even his artist’s eye or his broad skill set and deep specialties. It isn’t any one of those qualities that makes Dr. Perry Liu one of, if not the best cosmetic surgeon Beverly Hills can claim. It’s the combination of all of those qualities.