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The Best Cosmetic Surgeon Beverly Hills Can Offer

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle leaves many of us little time to take optimal care of ourselves. Most people are under a lot of stress, get too little sleep and don’t eat as well as they should. Over time, these issues can take quite a toll on the appearance, making a person look a bit worn around the edges. Pacific Aesthetic Institute offers a wide selection of the most advanced rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments in their state-of-the-art facility, and has built an excellent reputation on offering the highest standard of care to each and every client. And, if the best cosmetic surgeon Beverly Hills has to offer is what you’re looking for, you’ll find none more skilled, talented and qualified then the Institute’s Dr. Perry Liu.

Best Cosmetic Surgeon Beverly Hills: Facial Rejuvenation

Pacific Aesthetic Institute offers a wide selection of techniques for facial rejuvenation, ranging from non-surgical alternatives that include Medi-Spa treatments, medical facials, Botox, fillers and other injectables, a range of laser based treatments and Ultratherapy, the only FDA approved procedure to lift especially difficult to treat areas of sagging skin. Dr. Liu also offers stem cell anti-aging therapy, which uses the patient’s own adult stem cells in a revolutionary and effective rejuvenation treatment. Pacific Aesthetic Institute also provides a full range of surgical facial rejuvenation options, performed by Dr. Perry Liu, a board-certified and accomplished plastic surgeon that many consider the best cosmetic surgeon Beverly Hills has to offer.

Best Cosmetic Surgeon Beverly Hills: Body Rejuvenation

For the client who is seeing the effects of time, gravity or health issues in areas of the body or women suffering figure changes due to motherhood, Pacific Aesthetic Institute offers a variety of restorative therapies and procedures. Non-surgical options include laser therapies that can be used in the treatment of photo-aging in the hands, arms, chest and neck. Non-invasive laser treatments can also reduce the appearance of stretch marks, scars and broken veins, as well as improving loose skin in areas like the knees, thighs and upper arms. Stem cell rejuvenation is another very effective alternative for body rejuvenation.

Surgical solutions offered by Dr. Liu include breast enhancement procedures, such as breast lift, augmentation and both female and male breast reductions. For women who have lost a breast to cancer and need reconstruction work done by the best plastic surgeon, Beverly Hills offers none more talented and qualified in than Dr. Liu. He has undergone extensive advanced training in reconstructive techniques to ensure he can provide exceptionally beautiful and natural-looking restorations. Liposuction is offered at Pacific Aesthetic Institute, as are simple tummy tucks, advanced abdominal contouring, labiaplasty, calf reduction and buttocks lifts and enhancements, among many other options.

For more information on Pacific Aesthetic Institute and the man many in the L.A. area consider the best cosmetic surgeon, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Perry Liu, please visit www.pacificaesthetic.com to schedule a consultation. While you’re there, take a look at the photo gallery for great before and after pictures of satisfied Pacific Aesthetic Institute clients.