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The Asian Double Eyelid Surgery in Beverley Hills

Asian blepharoplasty, also known as Asian double eyelid surgery, is probably the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedure in both Taiwan and in South Korea. The procedure is performed to produce a crease in the upper eyelid of patients who do not have one, and who prefer the aesthetic of a creased eyelid.

Although very common in East Asia, this procedure is less common in North America. Because of its status as the cosmetic surgery capitol of the world, however, if you’re not in Taiwan or South Korea and are interested in Asian double eyelid surgery, Beverly Hills is likely the best place to be.

When considering the procedure, Beverly Hills has no shortage of options. Choosing the right surgeon can result in faster recovery times, reduced pain and swelling and, most importantly of all, a better final result. Some things remain the same, though, even if you choose the best cosmetic surgeon for eyelid surgery Beverly Hills has to offer.

Asian double eyelid surgery, Beverly Hills-based or in Taiwan, usually takes between one and two hours to perform, and basic recovery takes approximately one week, although there can be some variation depending on the patient. Residual swelling for the procedure should recede in 2 to 3 weeks, and it can take anywhere from 1 to 6 months for everything to settle into its final appearance.

There are a few different methods of performing Asian double eyelid surgery, most of them variations on one of two techniques; the incision method, and the suture method. The incision method involves the removal of fatty tissue through incisions, and results in a more permanent crease at the cost of a higher risk of scarring. The suture method, sometimes referred to as the pinch method, involves creating the eyelid crease by pinching and then using sutures to hold it in place. This method is less likely to result in scarring, but is prone to losing the definition of crease over time.

Dr. Liu, in addition to his work at Harvard Medical School and Tulane University in New Orleans, also did a surgical fellowship at Taiwan’s Chang-gung Memorial Hospital, where he first learned the procedure. Beverly Hills is, of course, home to many great cosmetic surgeons, but you are unlikely to find one better versed in Asian double eyelid surgery than Dr. Liu.

In addition to his unique skill set, extensive training in reconstructive surgery and familiarity with techniques and procedures specific to Asian patients, Dr. Liu possesses a number of other qualities that make him an outstanding choice to perform your surgery. His background in traditional Chinese painting gives him an understanding of aesthetics that is invaluable when performing such a delicate procedure in such a visible area, and his experience in reconstructive microsurgery ensures that the results are exactly what was envisioned.

If you’re thinking about undergoing the procedure in the Beverly Hills area, book a consultation with Dr. Liu to discuss your options.