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Forms of Anti Aging – Beverly Hills

Time and gravity can be our two worst enemies, working together to make us look, and feel, old. For many women, age brings with it breasts that are saggier and less full than they once were. Luckily for women in the Beverly Hills area who are unhappy with what the years have done to the size and shape of their breasts, and who are looking for some sort of breast anti aging, Beverly Hills is one of the best cities in the world for cosmetic surgery.

For women looking at cosmetic surgery as a form of anti aging, Beverly Hills is quite possibly the best place to look. A fairly common procedure, breast augmentation can help restore your youthful figure, which in turn can vastly improve your confidence, and self-esteem. A breast augmentation can also act as a more indirect form of anti aging. Beverly Hills is also a great city for shopping and fashion, and the fuller, firmer breasts that breast augmentation provides can allow many women to wear more youthful styles and fashions, all of which helps in the fight against time and gravity.

Breast augmentation, also known as breast implants, is a relatively common procedure that is sometimes used as a form of anti aging. Beverly Hills residents are certainly no strangers to breast implants, but many people are unfamiliar with exactly what the procedure entails, or what their options are. Patients generally have a choice between two types of implants; saline, and silicon.
Silicon implants look and feel more natural, but require larger incisions to implant which results in larger and more noticeable scarring. Saline implants, because they are inserted into position first and then filled, require much smaller incisions and therefore produce much less scarring. Saline implants, however, don’t look or feel as natural as silicon and occasionally suffer from problems such as rippling.

If breast implants are your preferred form of anti aging, Beverly Hills is chock-full of cosmetic surgeons who perform the procedure. Many of these surgeons, though, are of the mindset that bigger is, in all circumstances, better. This is not always true. If you’re choosing to have breast augmentation as a means of anti aging, Beverly Hills is also home to a number of cosmetic surgeons were more interested in making your breasts look good, rather than just bigger.

Before entrusting your body to the surgeon’s scalpel, it’s important to make sure that you both share the same goals and vision. A surgeon like Dr. Perry Liu will consult with you very carefully to determine exactly what type and size of implants will result in the most aesthetically pleasing result. This is very important because, as we’ve already established, the goal is more attractive breasts, not just bigger ones.

If you feel that time has been unkind, and you’d like to turn back the clock, modern cosmetic surgery may be able to help. Something as simple as a breast augmentation can make a world of difference to your outlook, and appearance.