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Treatments for Anti Aging Beverly Hills Offers

No matter how much we may fight against it, and no matter how much we may dislike the fact, there is still no way to keep ourselves from getting older. As time marches inexorably onwards, it has its way with us all, and there is nothing we can do about it. Or is there? Even in Beverly Hills, aging is a fact of life – every day we get another day older – but that doesn’t mean we have to look another day older. The last 50 years have seen tremendous advances in the field of cosmetic, or aesthetic, surgery, and it is now possible to look younger tomorrow than you do today.

When it comes to anti aging, Beverly Hills is one of the best places to look for cutting edge techniques. Many of the world’s best cosmetic surgeons work here, as well as some of the world’s top specialists in anti aging. Luckily for anyone who is pro-youth and anti aging, Beverly Hills is the epicenter of a revolution in both surgical and non-surgical methods to promote anti aging.

Beverly Hills is also home to Dr. Perry Liu, who is happy to offer both surgical and non-surgical treatments to help ameliorate the effects of time on his patients. Dr. Liu offers a number of procedures to keep his patients looking and feeling younger, from traditional surgical procedures such as liposuction and breast augmentation, to cutting edge non-surgical procedures such as stem cell therapy which is what makes him one of the best proponents of anti aging Beverly Hills has to offer.

Stem cell therapy involves using embryonic-like stem cells to rejuvenate aging tissue. There are over 200 types of cell in the human body, and they all start out as stem cells. The majority of adult stem cells, unlike embryonic stem cells which can turn into any other type of cell, are limited in the numbers and types of cells they can form. The only known source for embryonic-like stem cells in the adult body is in the bone marrow. The difficulty of extracting viable stem cells from bone marrow is one of the reasons Dr. Liu is one of the few anti aging, Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeons to offer the procedure.

Why all the fuss, though? Why go to such extraordinary lengths to harvest a particular variety of stem cell? Stem cells, in particular embryonic-like stem cells, not only behave in unusual ways, they promote unusual behavior in fully-formed cells in their vicinity. Once extracted, and then reintroduced into another part of the body, stem cells actually rejuvenate other cells, causing them to become younger.

His ability to offer such a ground breaking, cutting edge procedure is only one of the things that makes Dr. Liu one of the best providers of services for anti aging Beverly Hills has to offer. In addition, his sense of balanced, harmonious aesthetics helps to ensure that his patients always receive both the best advice and the most considerate care possible.