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Anti Aging Beverly Hills Style


The skin is the largest organ in the human body, and also the one that receives the most abuse. Bumps, bruises, cuts, scrapes, and most of all sun and weather — it’s no wonder our skin is the first place we start to show our age. Not all of us want to show our age, however, and when it comes to treatments for anti aging, Beverly Hills is the undisputed capital.

Not all types of procedures meant to counteract the effects of time and promote anti aging necessarily require surgery. The effects of aging are subtle, and can often sneak up on you, so it’s only fitting that we can bring about the rejuvenation of our skin with likewise subtle means.

Dr. Perry Liu, realizing that it’s the result that matters, not the procedure, provides a wide array of nonsurgical methods for turning back the clock on aging skin. From medical grade skin care products, including facials and peels, to inject-able rejuvenation products and fillers to restore elasticity and volume, he provides a variety of nonsurgical methods to bring about effective anti aging. Beverly Hills is the land of the beautiful people, but sometimes even the beautiful people need a helping hand.

Modern medical skin care, which is the sort of anti aging Beverly Hills has become known for, has very little in common with the methods of yesteryear. Gone are the lasers and other torture devices, designed to tear down your skin and force your body to make it anew. The type of skin care-based anti aging Beverly Hills expects today uses cutting-edge peptides and growth factors to encourage your skin’s natural growth and repair tendencies. Destroying your skin only to rebuild it is just making more work for your body, which makes sense if you’re interested in strength training for your skin, but not if you want to look younger.

Another popular treatment for anti aging, Beverly Hills style, and one that Dr. Liu is happy to provide is Sculptra Aesthetic, sometimes referred to as a Liquid Face Lift. This procedure is the epitome of subtle. Unlike with old-fashioned fillers, an injection of the Sculptra Aesthetic product encourages your skin to produce increased amounts of collagen, the substance responsible for skin elasticity among other things. It takes 6 to 8 weeks to achieve full results, but the gradual nature of the process is one of its primary benefits.

Because the changes to your face appear gradually, they appear to be changes that are happening naturally. No one is going to guess that your younger, fresher appearance is due to a cosmetic procedure. In addition to filling of the volume of your face, this process also provides you with better skin.

Many cosmetic surgeons believe that the scalpel is a one-stop solution for all of your appearance related needs. Dr. Liu understands that not everyone wants, or needs to undergo a surgical procedure to achieve the end result that they want.