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Stem Cell Rejuvenation In Beverly Hills


Recent advances in scientific and medical research have led to an exciting new alternative for cosmetic surgery. Although various types of stem cell therapies, most of which has focused upon fat stem cells, have been tried, the results have been equivocal. Effective and scientifically proven Stem Cell rejuvenation for reversing the effects of aging on both your face and body is a novel and ground breaking. Avant Aesthetics has developed proprietary stem cell treatment regimens for anti-aging, facial rejuvenation and volume restoration, as well as total body rejuvenation. Our treatments are based upon a synthesis of knowledge and therapies obtained from our frequent international travels and exchange of knowledge with physicians of different specialties from around the world. We have literally synthesized and fused the most advanced techniques the world has to offer.

Pioneering work in the field of anti-aging medicine and cosmetic surgery has led to the use of the patient’s own stem cells. Traditionally, physicians and scientists have focused on fat stem cells. Dr. Liu and Dr. Kwon are well versed in these treatments and feel that fat stem cells are not the best source of stem cells for anti-aging and facial rejuvenation. Results with fat stem cells have been equivocal, at best, resulting in various clinicians claiming that a specific twist in their harvesting and preparation technique will deliver results where none have. As such, many clinical studies have yet to yield promising results using fat stem cell therapy. Some of the difficulties in proving efficacy using these cells include: 1. Mechanical trauma associated with fat cell harvesting 2. Lack of pluripotency of the isolated stem cells 3. Lack of sufficient quantity of stem cells to achieve the desired results and 4. Lack of expertise working with and isolating stem cells. At Avant Aesthetics, we have refined this process and are able to purify the highest quality stem cells in the greatest quantities for our treatments.

Treatments using quality stem cells not only act to improve blood flow to the area skin injection, which also stimulates collagen formation and makes the face look fuller, healthier and younger. Stem cells also have a paracrine effect where they are able to make exisiting cells in your body act and feel younger… which essentially reverses their biological age. The final result… a plumper, healthier you with a glow in your skin that can help transform your aging face and body into a more youthful visage of yourself. This can help restore confidence and improve self-esteem for both women and men and allow you to enjoy the fruits of your life’s success and hard work.

Advances Of Stem Cell Rejuvenation

This new advance in anti-aging aesthetic treatment has some distinct advantages over traditional and more invasive plastic surgery techniques. Stem cell rejuvenation offers:

  • A non-surgical minimally invasive approach to anti-aging treatment
  • Less risk of complications from traditional surgery
  • Faster recovery time
  • Less pain and tenderness during recovery

Unlike traditional face lifts, the results of this process take a few weeks to become fully visible. This means that the change is less sudden, and you begin to gradually look younger over the days and weeks. Thus your transformation will be seen as more natural and longer lasting. Many people find that this helps them avoid the embarrassing post-surgery effects and the drastic change, but instead enjoy comments such as “You look great; what’s your secret?”

This procedure is recognized by many plastic surgeons as a safe and effective alternative for treating a variety of facial complaints including wrinkles about the mouth, creases on the forehead, deep laugh lines about the eyes and other signs of aging. Since it is a relatively new approach, more research is being done as to the long term effectiveness of the procedure, but early indications show promising results.

Why Is So Special About Embryonic Stem Cells Compare To The Other Types Of Stem Cells Available?

Embryonic stem cells are distinguished from adult stem cells by their pluripotency and their ability to replicate indefinitely. They are able to differentiate into all 200 cell types in the adult body. Adult stem cells, on the other hand, are multipotent and can only produce a limited number of cell types. As a result of their plasticity and unlimited potential for self-renewal, they are ideal for regenerative and anti-aging therapies.

Currently, there are only two potential autologous sources of embryonic-like stem cells… from banked chord blood from when you were born, or from your own bone marrow. They both contain embryonic-like stem cells that have properties similar to embryonic stem cells. These embryonic-like stem cells captures the key advantages of embryonic stems cells without the ethical/moral dilemmas associated with sourcing true embryonic stem cells, and also avoids the negative biological effects associated with stem cells of embryonic derivation, such as autoimmune problems and unregulated cell growth.

Unlike using stem cells from fat or other sources, at Avant Aesthetics we use proprietary technology that have allowed us to source and separate out a unique population of pluripotent stem cells with unparalleled cellular regeneration potential. These stem cells allow our treatments to go beyond the paracrine effect, yielding cells that actually differentiate into the target tissue, resulting in true cellular regeneration.

How Can Stem Cells Help My Face Look Younger?

At Avant Aesthetics, we have developed an anti-aging stem cell facial treatment that uses state of the art technology to harvest your own stem cells and use it to immediately rejuvenate your facial skin and soft tissue. These treatments are offered as stand-alone therapy or in conjunction with surgical procedures. We are able to isolate a specific population of stem cells that have similar properties to embryonic stem cells. These cells are pluripotent and can differentiate to restore youth and vitality to surrounding cells through a paracrine effect while replacing lost or damaged cells through new cellular growth and differentiation. Your own stem cells, when injected correctly using state-of-the-art injectors, will restore your facial skin health, replace lost volume, and make you look years younger.

Is Stem Cell Rejuvenation Right For You?

As with any medical procedure, stem cell rejuvenation is a highly personal choice. The prospective patient must take into account several factors, including:

  • The reasons for undergoing such a treatment
  • Their general physical condition and prospects for quick recovery
  • One’s financial resources for storing/banking your stem cells for future rejuvenation
  • The qualifications of their chosen physician

What Is Different About The Quality And Availability Of Avant Aesthetic’s Stem Cell Therapy?

We only harvest a specific sub-population of adult bone marrow stem cells for our treatments. These stems cells essential function as embryonic stem cells and can be harvested in large enough quantities to be effective in achieving the desired therapeutic results. All without any ethical or professional dilemma.

If I’m In Pretty Good Shape And Do Not Need Any Treatments, What Can I Do Now?

The future is now! In order to turn back your clock in the future, you need to store a copy of your current self and use it as a reference point for your future restoration. You can literally restore yourself to a younger you, as you are at this point in time. Capture your youthfulness by banking your own stem cells. These stem cells may be used to make your cells, skin, face, and body younger in the future when your body has aged and no longer feels like it does today. Capture yourself at this moment in time. If you need immediate rejuvenation, a portion of your stem cells may be used for this purpose. The remaining stem cell stock will be cryogenically preserved for use 1 year, 5 years, or 10 years down the road. These cells can restore vitality and youthfulness to your body on a cellular level. Depending on the type of treatment performed, our use of special embryonic-like adult stem cells harvested from your body are pluripotent and can actually differentiate into the target tissue where they are injected or infused, thereby creating true cellular regeneration.

As a prominent specialist in both reconstructive and cosmetic surgical and non-surgical techniques, Avant Aesthetics has spent the last 10 years working with world-renowned scientists, plastic surgeons, and physicians in a wide range of disciplines, both in the United States and in Asia. Dr. Liu is especially renowned for his work in stem cell rejuvenation in Los Angeles for both anti-aging and wound healing. Contact us today to get a complimentary consultation and find out more about these cutting-edge state of the art therapies.